Unreleased Consoles That Could Have Been, But Weren't

While we watch the horizon for signs of a black Xbox or discounted PS3 or any store with a Wii in stock, we’d like to share Techeblog’s list of top five game systems that never made it to store shelves, let alone to gamers brains.

Our fave is the Sega Neptune, mostly because it actually looks like it would have been cool (for the time). There are, of course, others. I personally think the Ericsson Red Jade should have made the list. Ericsson (pre-Sony partnership) invested millions into the device, only to be upstaged by the lackluster N-Gage from Nokia. After seeing that people didn’t want a cellphone/lameboy hybrid, Ericsson wisely shuttered the project.

But the best unreleased game system of all time must be the Republic Game Console. We’re hoping it comes back someday.

5 Unreleased Video Game Systems You Never Knew About [Techeblog]