Modtendo #442: Wireless Controllers out of Classic Gamepads

Our Wii is nice and all, but there’s something beyond retro about the original NES or even the SNES’s simple controller that makes us better gamers. That’s why we like what [mark] has done over at Hack-A-Day. [mark] took apart his tired old controllers and added wireless transceivers to the guts, as well as iPod Mini batteries (they’re light, you see). He then make a receiver that plugs into the Gamecube port on the Wii. The result is the ability to play old-school Mario on a new-school Nintendo with old-school controllers. We like it.

Next up: adding dual-shock to Genesis controllers, motion sensing to Gameboy Advances, and decent games for the PSP. Hit the link for more, including a how-to video.

DIY Wireless NES controllers for Wii/Gamecube [Hack-A-Day]