Samsung To Launch Revolutionary USB Monitors

Have you been dreaming about five or more monitors hooked up to your PC? Alas, our graphics cards are incapable of this task but Samsung is about to make those champagne dreams a reality. Debuting next month at CeBIT is the 19-inch Syncmaster 940UX that connects via USB. How is this even possible you ask? For the first time, users will have the option of connecting through USB as well as traditional DVI and VGA.

As long as your CPU can handle the load, you have the option of connecting as many displays as you can fit. The monitors will rely on the CPU for graphics pumping magic rather than a graphics card. The number of USB ports your PC has is the only thing holding you back from Mr. Universe-like status.

No word on pricing, but expect it to hit shelves in May. The only downside, it’s intended for XP users with a Vista driver down the road. What’s even worse, OS X and Linux users may not even see drivers at all. Sad sad.

DigitalWorld [via Electronista]