BRDGen Lets You Burn PS3 Disks Like the Pros

PS3/Blu-Ray fanboys are frothing over this announcement from BRDGen. The world’s first publicly available PC app to create and/or edit Blu-Ray AND PS3 discs has been released into the wild; BRDGen v1.00 is now available for download. The features that should pique your interest are:

• Create new Blu-Ray (UDF-ISO format, including PS3) images or edit existing ones.
• Import/Export FileLists: Importing allows you to force LBA positions of files if required.
• File Relinker: Relink 1 or more files to another file and reduce image size.
• Extract complete image or selected files/folders.
• Hexidecimal Sector Viewer: Right-click on any file in a compilation to use it.

Blu-Ray requires certain physical traits to exist on the disk that can only be created by certain devices and programs. BRDGen, it seems, can simulate those traits which means more fun for all of us.