Table Offers Glimpse of Future Social Interaction

This table has been all over the blogosphere recently, but I just can’t resist talking about it. Still in the idea phase, designer Ross McBride’s Time Table uses electro-luminescent film to display a digital clock on the entire surface of the table, which is only 6cm thick. The table includes an alarm and a timer switch so it can turn off at night. The lights also can be shut off at any time without affecting timekeeping.

McBride this week has been blogged about for his sit-key chairs, if you remember, and the design of this table is the future of social interaction. Eventually, I predict that electro-luminescent table tops will feature touchable screens that feature games, video and Web browsing. People will start gathering more in front of dining-room and coffee tables to take part in the fun. Instead of just sitting around the TV, families might start eating together more.

Time Table [via Gizmodo]