To Catch an iPod Thief

Although the Web site has been Dugg to the ground, a free online service called Gadget Theft recently launched to help users recover their stolen gadgets.

The site provides users with a small “spyware” application that can be loaded onto the memory of a USB thumb drive, MP3 player or digital camera. The software records and sends IP data to the user if it detects that the device is reported stolen. The app uses a clever bit of social engineering by displaying a pop-up window asking for the installation of a USB driver when connected to a computer.

Gadget Theft won’t help find the device, and it’s up to the user to convince law enforcement to use the data to find the item, but at least it’s a start.

Sadly, the “spyware” app only works with Windows-based computers, so Mac thieves still will get away.

Gadget Theft [via Digg]