Replay Media Catcher A Godsend For PC Users

I don’t know how many of you watch shows on ABC, but all the popular shows like Lost and Grey’s Anatomy are available online to watch for free via However, the trouble is that you have to watch boring 30-second commercials and sometimes the flash-based player acts up. Your only other options are to buy the shows off iTunes or pirate them and neither are a feasible option for some.

In comes Replay Media Catcher from Applian Technologies. This software knows what’s up. It knows you want to rip all the flash video you can off ABC, YouTube, MySpace, etc. and it knows you want to do it fast and efficiently. Shell out $39.95 and you’ll be watching all your favorite movies and shows for free on the comfort of your iPod. If you’re a Mac user looking to steal just YouTube videos, I’d personally recommend TubeSock for the job.

Replay Media Catcher Allows You To “Borrow” Off-Limits Content [BGR]