Soundwave: Transforming, MP3 Playing Decepticon!

, and one of our favorites has always been Soundwave. You’ll remember him as the blue, monotone-voiced lieutenant to Megatron, popular for his unwavering loyalty to the Decepticon cause.

What made Soundwave so cool, though, was that he transformed into a Walkman, complete with lackeys in the form of cassette tape robots that would eject from his chest. You’ll remember Rumble and Ravage and Lasebeak, won’t you?

Soundwave is back, updated for the portable digital audio era. You can have your iPod or even your Zune, I’ll take the Decepticon. Featuring MP3 playback, the new Soundwave is fully transformable. Add an SD card with your favorite Stan Bush tunes, you’re all set. We all wanted the toy to actually be able to play music, and now it can. You can pre-order yours today for just shy of $100. Kick ass.

Soundwave, 2007 [Big Bad Toy Store]