Live From Vegas: Sony 2007 Products Showcase

I’m reporting live here from the Paris Hotel in beautiful Las Vegas, where Sony is showing off to dealers and the media a crapload of new announcements. It’s sort of like CES 1983 here — all Sony, all the time.

Our Tokyo friends announced and showed off a whopping 33 new products today–in virtually every category. Over the course of the next couple of posts, I’m going to be showing you guys some highlights.

Will anything here change your life? Nah. It really is another case of evolutionary updates. But it’s Sony, and no matter what detractors say, they speak with a loud enough voice that they’re usually worth listening to.

For now, click the jump to see some highlights and future-facts from Sony’s just-ended press conference…

  • Future VAIO laptops will not only sport super-sweet colors, but graphics from a mixture of famous artists and street doodlers.
  • The Sony Bravia name will expand from simply applying to their LCDs, to microdisplays and front-projector models. “Braviaziation”, they call it.
  • The introduction of the Alpha digital SLR model was super-important to the company because they felt they were getting heat from serious photographers for not having a digital SLR in their stable. Now they feel legit.
  • Daylight Savings Time is a few weeks early this year. They essentially blamed Microsoft for Vista not having the right date, and are bracing themselves for a boatload of consumer calls complaining when the clock hits.
  • While some PC makers have put out models that have had issues with Vista, they were extremely proud of how well their computers have worked with the OS. Flawlessly, they said.