Sony Bluetooth Headphones: Surpisingly Attractive

I’ve seen a lot of Bluetooth headphones in my day including offerings from Koss and Plantronics but these are a pair that I could probably wrap my head into… errr… you know what I mean? Wrap around my head?

The Sony DR-BT21G uses all the latest Bluetooth protocols and pairs with both phones and a whatever Bluetooth dongle you care to use. No price and it looks like Asia-only right now. It has a 20 to 20,000Hz response range and looks like it sounds great. Sony does stuff like this well and probably needs to rethink its stronger stuff and stop futzing with eReaders and Mylos.

They’re also selling the DR-BT21G, a smaller set of wrap-around phones. Both have no prices nor an availability. Hopefully they’ll make it over here because I’m tired of people looking like Star Trek rejects, myself included.

A Sony Bluetooth High Fidelity headset [Akihabara via Gizzer]