Sony's Complete Spring/Summer TV Line

Sony showed off a bunch of new TVs today. The big feature is the across-the-board inclusion of Bravia Internet Video Link–which lets you tune into all those Web-bound videos of people getting hit in the head that crave so much. And, as I said before, the name Bravia is no longer just for LCDs–micro-displays and front-projectors now get to share the honor.

Click the jump for the some just-the-facts-ma’am details on the new line, and some nice TV porn.

Bravia KDL-32XBR4
A 31.5-inch, 1366×768 progressive flat-panel LCD. Like all models here, it comes ready to hit the Web with Bravia Interent Video Link. Hits in spring. Price is TBD.

Bravia KDL-46V3000
46-inches of 1080p LCD, also with the Internet Video Link. Hits in Summer. Price is TBD.

Bravia KDL-40V3000
40-inches of 1080p LCD, also with Internet Video Link. Hits summer. Price is TBD.

Bravia KDL-46S3000
46-inches of 1366×768 progressive HD LCD. More Internet Video Link. Hits in Spring. Price is TBD.

Bravia KDL-40S3000
40 more inches of 1366×768 progressive HD LCD. AGAIN with the Internet Video Link (you get the point: they all have it). Hits in Spring. Price TBD.

Bravia KDL-32S3000
32-inches of 1366×768 progressive HD LCD. Spring. $TBD.

Bravia KDL-26S3000
26-inches, 1366×768 progressive HD LCD. Spring. $TBD

Bravia KDS-50E3000
50-inches of 1080p on a 3LCD micro-display. It’s pretty slim for an MD, at just 12.6-inches deep. Two HDMI inputs. Summer. $TBD.

Bravia KDS-46E3000
46-incher 1080p 3LCD micro-display. Just 11.85-inches deep. Dual HDMI input. Summer. $TBD.

Bravia KDS-37H1000
37-inches of 720p 3LCD micro-display. Double HDMI inputs. Available in spring for about $1,300.

Bravia VPL-AW15
720p 3LCD front-projection unit. 12,000:1 dynami contrast ratio. A 1,100 lumens brightness. Spring. $TBD

My hands hurt. Here’s a nice glamor shot of their upcoming OLED TV, first shown at CES. Notice how waifish it is:

And, up close, it is WAY hot. I want one, only I want it be 50-inches big.

I’ve spared you all pictures of each set, as they all look EXACTLY the same. I promise. Although here is a shot of the Bravia Internet Video Link in action, although it’s pretty difficult to see what’s going on: