T-Mobile Not Cool With Your Downloaded Apps

Looks like not all is going well in the land of T-Mobile. The company has changed its policies and have told customers with Java-enabled phones (read: almost every handset) and data plans that they’re not allowed to install third-party network applications. Why the harsh change in policy? T-Mobile claims security issues but we all know it’s a load of crap designed to prevent independent phone sales. With this ban in place, this means no Opera Mini, no Google Local, no full version of Gemdrop, no nothing.

From now on if you want anything installed on your phone, you’ll have to go through the hellish T-Zones interface to pay for overpriced applications and games. If T-Mobile wants to stay in the game and not lose out to Cingular even more, it better start changing its policies back to normal post haste.

T-Mobile Bans Others’ Apps On Their Phones [Slashdot]