Bittorrent Video Store: Not an Auspicious Start

, for some godawful reason, and discovered that the Bittorrent video sales site leaves a lot to be desired.

After a 47 minute download time, the movie was ready to watch… or was it?

I transferred Nacho Libre to my PC, eager to get my Jack Black fix for the day. However, as if it wasn’t frustrating enough that I couldn’t buy the movie under Windows, that was just the beginning of my day’s troubles. Due to DRM restrictions, BitTorrent specifies that the files require Windows Media Player 10 or higher in order to play the files. I tried to open my protected .wmv file in WMP11, and was met with a curiously vague error message saying that there was a “problem playing the file.”

Growing pains are natural, but these are showstoppers that have to be addressed early on, not after launch. Add this one to the deadpool?

First look: BitTorrent video download store [AT]