iTunes Giving Independent Filmmakers A Chance

You no longer need to be a Spielberg or a Lucas to get your film on iTunes. Just ask Forum Snowboards. The company created a 30 minute movie called That, which currently sells on iTunes for $1.99. The movie covers snowboarding and is the first video on iTunes to come from an extremely independent filmmaker rather than a big name studio like Paramount. I feel that putting action-sports videos on iTunes is a wonderful idea. Why spend $10-$15 on an overpriced, lame DVD made by some 16-year-old at a skate shop when you can instantly download a feature film for under $2?

To get their content on iTunes, Forum Snowboards partnered with Studio411, a distributor of action-sports flicks that has a deal with Apple. Hopefully we’ll start seeing short films, foreign films, and more independent films appearing on iTMS over the next few months.

iTunes Goes Indie with the Snowboarding Film That [Movieweb]