Mobeam: Barcode Scanning With the Backlight?

I was never big on those “take a picture of a barcode and buy Britney tickets” schemes so popular with mobile solutions providers, but this sort of turns that whole concept on its head. Mobeam, created by Ecrio, provider of streaming mobile apps for NTT DoCoMo, flashes any light source on the handset to simulate a barcode for any laser scanner. That’s right. The clerk at Wal-Mart only needs to scan your phone to get 50 cents off your 7-Up.

There are no signed partners on this technology and it might be just a flash in the proverbial mobile pan, but this is one of the few projects of this sort that actually piqued my interest. If you could send a coupon via MMS or even SMS, flash the phone at the cash register, and be on your way, imagine the uptake in retail offerings and, to an extent, the time and effort saved in coupon clipping.

Clearly, this technology is good enough to encourage women to kiss their RAZRs

Couple this with some GPS and you’ve got a real starter. Now if only the product page weren’t just a 3 minute flash movie, maybe we could get some solid info. Look for a full interview with these folks next week.