Mobio Expands from Movies to Everything Else

, a service that used XML mashup-theory to bring about an easy, handheld way to find movie times and related tasks. Mobio, in the intervening time, has been busy, and now offers a full-on army of “widget”-style mini-programs for your Java-enabled phone.

Take, for example, the Gadgethilia widget. The tool mashes up RSS feeds crom CNet and Slick Seals, Google Maps, Yellow Pages, and other XML-tastic websites into a gadget-centric implement that’s perfect for shopping. Not sure which Palm Pilot you really need? Is this a good price for it? It’s on your phone.

Don’t think this is just another portal, though. While that’s part of the approach, the heavy-lifting is done on the handset, making it both faster and cheaper than mobile websites, something key to modern mobile data. The list of supported phones isn’t that impressive, that’s bound to change. The Motorola RAZR series is supported, however, so that’s roughly 12 Billion people right there.

Mobile [GetMoibio]