InTouch: Medical Advice Via Cellphone

Now whenever you have access to a cellphone you’ll have access to Mayo Clinic-approved medical advice. Digital Cyclone has developed InTouch, an application for cellphones that stores all sorts of useful, everyday medical tips, such as where to find the newest medical care facility to how to treat minor injuries. The application costs $2.99 per month and works on Verizon, Cingular (AT&T nowadays), Sprint and Alltel. Essentially, it’s a first aid kit that fits in your pocket, just without all those cumbersome bandages and ointments.

Product Page

This video shows InTouch in action, complete with a detailed report on acupuncture. Its interface looks clean enough, with sensible categories like “Bites” and “Emergency Room Finder.” A neat idea that actually tries to help people? I’m surprised—though delighted—to hear that those are still around.