Kotaku Faces Down PS3 PR, Receives a Jewish Benediction

In the Hebrew custom, those who fight against a mighty foe and win receive a song written by a noted village bard in their honor. Look it up. David got “Mandy” after slaying Goliath.

GameJew continues this custom by creating an ode to Brian Crecente of Kotaku who posted some scandalous, earth-shattering news on the PS3’s North American and International strategy — actually it was just some sort of Mii knock-off — and got blackballed. He stood up to the SCEA juggernaut and then was victorious when he and Dave Karraker, head of SCEA PR, sat down and hashed out their differences. A heartwarming story, certainly, but the real takeaway is two-fold: companies can delude themselves and men in Luigi costumes are very disturbing.

Brian Crecente From Kotaku Has Some Big Balls by Jonathan Mann [GameJew]