MP3 Players Usher in New Era of World Peace

Here are two MP3 players that hopefully will bridge the gap between religions.

The first is a concept device by Manworks Design. It’s a flash-based MP3 player that would have a chrome-plated steel body in the shape of a cross. The 1GB player, which would have an OLED-display, is meant to be worn around the neck.

The second is a real watch marketed toward members of the Islamic faith; although I can see it’s universal appeal as simply a watch that plays music or audio books.

Dubbed the Qur’anic Watch, the timepiece is built for those who want to recite the Qur’an without carrying another device, according to PC Magazine’s Middle and Near East Edition (They have a Middle Eastern edition?). The watch contains 256MB of flash memory, an MP3 player and includes a 70MB MP3 file of the Qur’an.

The watch and MP3 player do not share a power source, according to the magazine. The MP3 player is charged through USB and the watch face features two indicator lights: a green light when the player is running and a blinking red light when the battery is low.

Quranic Watch and Saint B [both via Coolest Gadgets]