Damnit, Jim. I'm a Doctor, Not a Tablet

The biggest problem with the medical industry is that it is far behind on information technology. Patient records aren’t synchronized or shared with others, and it’s difficult to make sense and organize all the information that is coming in about a patient.

One solution could be the Philips Mobile Clinical Assistant, or MCA. the MCA is sort of a cross between a tablet PC and PDA. Developed in conjunction with Intel, the device has a 10.4-inch, 1024×768 touch-screen display, along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It also can read barcodes and RFID tags, and includes a digital camera.

The device also has a “ground-breaking” hand grip to allow medical staff to hold the device for long hours, according to Reg Hardware. Production is set for Q4.

SlashGear, meanwhile, has some video of another competing tablet, the Motion C5. The video is a good representation of just what they devices are capable of.

Philips MCA [PC Launches via SlashGear]