Larry Probst Says Sony Is Losing Its Marbles

As if we didn’t already know, Sony’s iron clad grip on the gaming console market is showing signs of arthritis and EA’s CEO, Larry Probst, is calling them out. The PS2 once owned 60% of the gaming console market share, but delay after delay of the PS3 and the launch of the Xbox 360 a year prior has proven to be Sony’s demise. The revamped Gamecube (aka the Wii) from Nintendo has a price tag that is half that of the PS3, which hasn’t helped their cause either. EA has taken notice and they’ve increased funds towards the Wii platform. Probst states the playing field is more level than in previous gaming console wars because of the PS3’s price tag. He then goes on to say that the war is far from over. In a surprising bit of news, the PS2 was the second-best selling console in the US in January behind the Wii.