More Sony Blu-Ray Price Cuts Coming

The HD wars are from over, but Sony could be putting the nail in the coffin by the end of the year. Sales of Blu-Ray discs have surpassed HD-DVD sales with the help of the Sony PS3.

According to Nielsen VideoScan ratings Blu-Ray owns 65% of the market share, which is a reversal from last November when HD-DVD owned 63% the market. Blu-Ray titles averaged a sales rank of 246 on Amazon where as HD-DVD sales ranked 763.

Sony CEO, Stan Glasgow, says the company will drop prices on Blu-Ray players by a significant amount by the end of the year. How low? As low as $299, which would be about $200 cheaper than HD-DVD players. Who knew the PS3 would actually do some good for Sony?

TV Week [via Blu-Ray Freak]