Anti-Terrorism Weapon Doesn't Kill, Makes You Puke

Who cares about CeBit, GDC, PMA and CTIA when this year’s Navy Opportunity Forum for small businesses has weapons that shoot invisible wall-penetrating beams that make people dizzy and puke? My flight and hotel reservations are booked!

Invocon, Inc., will be displaying a non-lethal “Star Trek hand-held Phaser Weapon set on ‘Stun’” device geared towards military and law enforcement personnel it says will work through walls and other non-metallic structures. The idea is fairly simple: It’s a beam that goes through a wall, hits its target and makes them fall over from dizziness (possibly puking).

IVC proposes to investigate the use of beamed RF [radio frequency] energy to excite and interrupt the normal process of human hearing and equilibrium. The focus will be in two areas. (1) Interruption of the mechanical transduction process by which sound and position (relative to gravity) are converted to messages that are processed by the brain. (2) Interruption of the chemical engine which sustains the proper operation of the nerve cells that respond to the mechanical transduction mechanisms referenced in item (1). Interruption of either or both of these processes has been clinically shown to produce complete disorientation and confusion.

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