Portable VoIP: $400 You'll Never See Again

If I’m going to spend $400 on a VoiP phone, namely the Panasonic KX-WP1050, with WiFi connectivity but no 3G or anything else, it had better have some other useful features, like the ability to make me a really good fish taco or the capability to get me out of debt fast. This phone does neither.

Perhaps if it came preloaded with Mandy Moore’s phone number, then I might think about it. But it most likely does not. It does, however, come with a base station that must be made of gold and the blood of virgins. That is all we could figure might account for the price.

Oh, you also get a leather case, most likely made from real orphan skin, so you can take the handset and base station traveling. Oh, we get it. They’re trying to sell it like a combo unit. Well, we’re not buying Brangelina, and we’re not buying this. Sorry, Panasonic. For $400 we could get an unlocked world phone and pay the assorted local fees, and still have enough left to bribe the border guard.

Wi-Fi handsets for use with VoIP leader Skype aren’t exactly rare these days…would you spend $400 for one from Panasonic? [Digital Trends]