Tuneview: See What's On Your iPod From Across The Room

Tuneview is a great new way to control your iPod from just about anywhere in your home (sort of). If you’re like me, then your iPod goes with you everywhere. I feel weird boppin’ around the house with my headphones in, but I hate when Britney’s album comes on and my roommates are home, it’s embarrassing.

The Tuneview has an LCD that enables you to remotely view the contents of your iPod via two-way RF. The docking station not only charges your iPod, but it also syncs with your iTunes. It retails for $179 and is available now.

EDIT: If you’re interested in checking out a full review, CNET’s got a full — and fairly positive — review of it here.

Product Page [via Uber Gizmo]