Seven Ways To Fight Back at Cingular

The Consumerist, that 21st century version of The Jungle, has come up with seven ways to stick it to Cingular. Many of them are benign (“make the brick and mortar store compete against the Web site in order to get a better deal”), but one tip looks to be fairly pretty substantial: buying a $20 mediaMAX data plan will get you unlimited Internet access, regardless of what type of device you’re using (cellphone, smart phone, PDA, etc.).

Now, since I’m a Verizon man — not by choice, mind you—I really can’t appreciate these tips as much as actual Cingular users. That might change once the iPhone comes out (I’m still debating making the switch), but in the meantime, I encourage you to siphon off as much from Cingular as possible.

7 Confessions of a Cingular Sales Rep [Consumerist]