Verizon And Sprint: Making Our Lives Better Part Deux

In a less than surprising move, Verizon and Sprint are following AT&T’s lead and announced plans to allow customers to control their DVRs via mobile phone.

Launching next week, Verizon customers will be able to program their TiVo sets for a monthly charge of $1.99 a month, which will work on more than a dozen models. Keep in mind TiVo customers can already program shows they want to record online and, in most cases, months in advance. Sprint Nextel will also offer a similar service with Comcast and Time Warner Cable later on this year.

It doesn’t seem as though customers even want this feature based on both surveys and what analysts are speculating about such services. According to the poll conducted by Juniper Research, less than 10 percent of responders said they wanted the service. This means that it’s a dumb idea.