GPS Sniper Rifle Tracks Terrorists, Pizza Delivery Guy

Though headshots and blowing the enemy’s leg off in battle are fun in video games, non-lethal weapons can prove extremely useful in real-life situations. Danish company Empire North is working on a GPS-based rifle called ID Sniper that’s designed to embed a tiny GPS chip in a target’s body from up to 1.1km away.

But if you’re thinking that GPS chips are the only thing against you, think again. The scope on ID Sniper is equipped with a special camera that will take a picture of the target for future reference. Plus, you won’t even know when the GPS chip hits you. Empire North claims that it feels like getting a small mosquito bite and that pain is absolutely minimal. Though I see some great uses for the ID Sniper, it would still be much better with GPS chips inside real bullets.

GPS chips implanted in humans w/ sniper rifle [Navigadget]