PMA 2007 Opening Day

In case you didn’t know, one of the biggest camera, film and printing (and accessories) conventions started today: Photo Marketing Association 2007. Sadly, most of the stuff that’s on display is already announced. But, while perfect, vendor-supplied images of the cameras are readily available to the masses, CrunchGear wanted to give you a chance to see the cameras a little more realistically presented — fingerprints and all — along with, hopefully, a better idea of how the cameras really look and feel.

Sony held a press conference this morning, before the show even opened, announcing a couple new digital SLR Alpha series cameras and the Cybershot DSC-G1. (John is currently editing up some video of the announcements we’ll be posting shortly.) The G1 was a shocker with its 2GB of storage, WiFi that lets you trade photos between cameras or with a PC, and one of the sweetest GUIs we’ve ever seen on a camera.

Check back later tonight and tomorrow to see continued coverage of the event.