Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-G1 Is Company's First to Include WiFi

Sony’s finally adding Wi-Fi to one of its cameras. The six-megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-G1 is able to tap into 802.11 b/g networks so that users can instantly upload their photos to the Internet, be it Flickr, Facebook or their completely unread personal blog. Better still, the camera can link up with other Digital Living Network Alliance (an industry group that strives to forge common standards between different companies) devices. That can be another camera, a PC or one of those new WiFi-enabled igneous rocks.

The DSC-G1 also has a roomy 3.5-inch LCD. Too bad the optical zoom is only 3X. Sony’s even throwing us a bone by including 2GB of built-in storage. Shame they still insist on making us use their proprietary Memory Stick storage format.

It is nice to see Sony finally adopt a WiFi camera, making the company now only two years behind the times. Oh, and they’re charging the full Sony premium on it, too, demanding $600 for the camera. We’ll ignore the fact that you can grab lower end DSLRs for that kind of money because, hey, WiFi is just that awesome.

Sony Announces Its First Wireless Digicam
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