Blackberry 8300: Big Letdown IMO

The Boy Genius has once again been privy enough to get his hands on the newest Blackberry, the 8300, that I’ve been drooling over for the last two weeks. To be honest the initial reports just seemed to good to be true. There is no video recording capability and no WiFi, very sad and disheartening. Did I mention it has AT&T branding? Ok, I’ll stop bashing on it because it does have a few notable features and improvements.

It’s smaller and slimmer then the 8800 and the keyboard is much like the 8700 series. The speakerphone is said to be much better than the 8800 and major improvements in the OS are also reported. These improvements include built-in spell check, full screen mode for video playback, the capability to create folders on the home screen, and the ability to move applications between any folders. All in all it has the camera we were expecting from the 8800 – big deal.

Blackberry 8300 In Hand [via BGR]