Windows Mobile 6 Pics on a Treo 750v

As Windows Mobile 6 (aka “Crossbow”) makes its way around the mobile marketplace, the question on my Windows-based smartphone owners is “will it work on my phone?” The answer is increasingly looking like a “yes”, as these new photos of WinMo 6/Crossbow running on a Treo 750v demonstrate. The OS has been distributed to phone makers and service providers, but we’ve yet to see any officially licensed 6 handsets or upgrades on the marketplace.

The good news, though, is that’s because the carriers are putting finishing touches on device-specific updates. We’ve got official confirmation that the T-Mobile Dash will be among the first handsets upgraded, and that the upgrade will be free for subscribers. Not bad, really. If other carriers follow suit, then Crossbow on a 750, as shown here, will be very commonplace.

Treo 750v with Windows Mobile 6 [Mobility Today]