Gucci Phone Fake Because I Say So

On March 9th, Engadget Mobile fabricated a charming story on a Gucci -branded cellphone. After looking at the above-left picture for about 45 seconds, I realized it was Photoshopped to all hell and back and is never going to come out. Ever.

I mean sure, with the recent announcement of that iPhone rip-off LG Prada phone, one could easily imagine the fashion house of Gucci coming out with a phone for every girl who’s 17 and drives a 2007 Range Rover. But check it: If the Gucci cellphone is being released, then so is my YSL phone. It features GSM radio, Bluetooth 2.0 (with EDR!!!), a 2.0-megapixel camera that does video, and features exclusive YSL content. Now that wasn’t so hard. Oh wait! I forgot the release date accompanied by disappointing news!

“The Yves Saint Laurent cellphone is currently only a prototype and we have no plans to release a device at this time.”

Case closed. Perhaps some gadget sites should stick to the fax! Too funny!

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