Fakers Fake Fake 2nd Gen Shuffles

You know that one friend of yours? The one who was always pissed off because while he asked for Transformers toys he ended up with Go-Bots? It’s most likely because his grandma shopped at DealXtreme, where you can get this totally convincing 1GB red iPod Shuffle clone for less than $20. Another $5 gets you the required cradle.

While it’s not an exact replica, the storage and functionality should remain the same, though your locked iTunes purchases won’t play. If you’re on a budget, and want to take part in the iPod Zeitgeist, this is a way to go for about a third of what it’d cost you at the Apple store. And we’re sure the quality is totally on par with what Apple offers. Totally.

DealXtreme Shuffle2-style MP3 [DealXtreme, via iLounge]