Putting Your TV On Guard

Protecting your expensive high-end consumer electronics from spikes and other jumps in power is easy enough; just use a quality surge protector and you’re good to go. However, while many even feature pass-throughs for phone, RJ-45 and coaxial cables too, these actually don’t do much to improve the signal quality, and some can actually cause a noticeable degradation. Richard Gray’s Power Company has introduced the RGPC TV Guard ($89.00), an in-line device that plugs into the coax cable lines, which protects from surges and spikes, as well as electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Plus it is designed to offer this protection from surges over 500 amps, and with a minimal low insertion signal loss, so you can protect your HDTV receivers, CATV set-top boxes and even cable modems without worrying about a reduction in the signal quality.

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