WaveBox: Portable Microwave Kicks Ass

In early July, as you’re camped out for Transformers (you know who you are), you’ll want to take this WaveBox with you. It’s a microwave oven that draws its power from your mom’s car’s cigarette lighter, meaning that when your buddy in the Galvatron suit (n00b) saves your place in line, you can zap yourself a burrito. Bonus nerd points if you refer to this device as your Energon Cube.

Besides just warming up your 7-11 grub, the box features a soft cooler, so you can keep your Mountain Dew ice cold. The whole thing is portable, with a nifty handle on top to carry it around. No pricing yet, and it’s backordered until at least May 1st, but with Optimus and pals still 4 months out, you’ve got time, Autobot.

Wavebox Portable Microwave [Cooking Gadgets]