User Generated Animation Site MyToons Launches

It is our luck to have two excellent user generated animated video sites now live – Israel-based Aniboom and, starting today, MyToons, which just came out of private beta.

MyToons certainly has the edge over Aniboom on design and overall usability, although I found site navigation to be slow this morning. With both sites, users upload short animated films that they’ve created, or have copyright permission to use. Videos are organized by tag, user, most watched, most highly rated, etc.

I love this stuff, and I spent quite a bit of time browsing videos before choosing the one embedded above (although I’m not too sure that particular video complies with MyToon’s copyright policy).

MyToons is also trying to be family friendly, and says they’ll censor out content that would constitute a NC-17 rating in the U.S. If we’re talking about pornographic content, it will be a clear enough line. But if they start to censor out swearing and other fuzzily inappropriate content, the site will suffer.