Sony-Ericsson Debuts Cameraphone Accessory Kit

One thing we like about Sony-Ericsson’s phones is how the company has split them neatly into two distinct categories: musicphones and cameraphones. Unlike other phone makers, the music-listening and picture-taking aspects of SE’s phones aren’t half-assed attempts, it uses real Walkman tech for the musicphones, and real Cybershot tech for the cameraphones.

Something long missing from the cameraphones, though, is decent cam accessories. Sony-Ericsson has started a remedy of sorts with the IPK-100 kit, a group of accessories for Cybershot phones consisting of a case, belt clip, tripod, and other basics. We like the convergence, but we don’t appreciate the loss of functionality it ususally includes, thus we find this a must-have for owners of SE cameraphones. Go on, you know you want one.

IPK-100 [Sony-Ericsson]