Cingular Forced to Refund Customers To the Tune of $18.5 Million

Thousands of California Cingular customers can look forward to receiving a $160 check in the mail thanks to a recent settlement. You see, back between 2000 and 2002, Cingular’s network stunk on ice because of a rapid increase in the number of customers it served. Many of those customers canceled their accounts as a result of the shoddy service only to see Cingular impose early cancellation fees. Authorities in California didn’t like that much, so now Cingular has to dole out $18.5 million to pay for their sins. It’s like a modern day indulgence.

Another result of the case is that customers will now have 30 days to return any phone and cancel service without incurring Cingular’s wrath.

Cingular Wireless to refund customers $18.5 million [AP/Whittier Daily News]