Retailers Give Ultimatum to Sony PSP

Retailers have told Sony that unless the PSP sees a price drop, they will drop it from their shelves, according to 1UP. Although 1UP doesn’t name retailers and is vague on the details, the site hints that if a price drop doesn’t come, something major has to happen with the PSP soon. Vince has some details about what a redesign might entail and Matt has a post about a new PSP video store that’s in the works.

Meanwhile, 1UP did speak with John Koller, senior marketing manager for the PSP, who confirmed a redesign.

According to Koller, Sony is in the process of reducing parts and potentially adjusting the size — similar to what’s been done with the PS1 and PS2. “I can at least say this much, the screen won’t be changing in size,” he said.

PSP: Something Happening Soon [Digg via GWN]