Use Vonage Or VoIP? You May Be Entitled To Some Bucks

As you may or may not have noticed on your normal phone bill, there’s a federal excise tax on long-distance phone service. Not only do consumers loathe it, but the government does as well. So as an incentive to use VoIP services, you can earn up to $60 back from federal charges. Here’s how it works:

If you made long distance calls from March 1, 2003 – July 31, 2006 you could get 3% of your monthly charges refunded.

Consumers who don’t use Vonage should call their provider and ask how they can get a refund.

Those with Vonage should do the following:
1. Log into your Vonage web account and click on Billing.

2. Next, click on Billing History, located directly under the Billing link.

3. This will show every invoice created since your account was created.

4. Select each invoice (one at a time) dated March 1, 2003 – July 31, 2006.

5. Locate the section labeled Charges Detail.

Obviously this was sent from Vonage as a tip for Vonage customers. But hey, a lot of people are catching on to VoIP and if you can save up to $60, why not give it a shot? Then you can live life like a Dollarmenunaire.