WSJ Discovers Twitter, Buttocks in Dark Sans Flashlight

Good morning, Farnsworth. Up bright and early, I see. I say, old chap, have you seen this latest computer system? It’s called Twittle, I believe. A, here it is in the Journal. Yes. Twitter. How much do we have available in the Mad Money fund? 45 million? Let’s put a pinch of that into this company. It seems the kids just love it.

What does it do? Well, the children go to the computer site and tell the computer what they’re doing. There are even some excerpts of the conversations here in the article. Reminds me of our days at Yale, drinking tonic water and playing a hand or two of gin rummy. My, how we talked. Now Farnsworth, there might be some typos in here, so please bear with me. Ahem…

9:51 a.m. Tweet Tweet… Just checking in… Happy Friday Twitter-ers
11:02 a.m. Getting ready for my 1sy Yoga class of the year! I’m scared.
2:02 p.m. Late Lunch – Tomato Soup & Pretzel. 4hrs till Happy Hour! (Yoga was good)

Oh how these children can prattle. So what say you? Buy? Seems like a good plan, Farnsworth. Oh. What’s this? A computer site of pictures of stuff on a cat? Do let’s invest!

Friends Swap Twitters, and Frustration [WSJ]