Apple TV To Overtake TiVo, Netflix, and Jesus According To Analyst

Saying that a device like Apple TV is going to overtake huge, pioneering companies like TiVo and Netflix is a pretty bold move. But here at the CG, we like bold moves. ThinkEquity analyst John Hoopes says that the Apple TV is “an ideal conduit for multiple services including DVR, paid-for content, gaming, or advertising.” Ok, quite true. The Apple TV can do a lot of fantastic things. But what about overtaking those big companies? Hoopes goes on to say the following:

“Whereas Netflix brought ‘Blockbuster’ to your mailbox, we believe AppleTV will bring Hollywood to your living room,” he told clients. “Moreover, we think this device is well-positioned to quickly overtake Netflix as broadband Internet access becomes more ubiquitous and the Internet becomes the de-facto channel for content delivery.”

Incredibly true. Apple already has setup the beginning phases of its plan via the iTunes Music Store, where movies and TV shows are available for purchase. Couple this with the latest Quicktime update that lets you export in 720p for Apple TV and you’ve got yourself one hot product on your hands. Hoopes says that Apple TV can also become a bad-ass DVR:

“Apple TV can, in our opinion, be easily turned into a DVR with little or no hardware modification and a software upgrade,” he wrote. “We think Apple’s brand, established distribution, marketing power, over 100 million total iPod unit shipments, and 22 million active Mac users would create more than enough energy to propel an AppleTV TiVo-like service to a higher subscription base than TiVo’s current 4.4 million users.”

He goes on to say that thanks to Apple TV, the value of business opportunities Apple will have available will be in the $5 to $14 billion dollar range. Those are enormous profits for the Cupertino-based company and could allow Apple to evolve even further in terms of market strategy and product design. As for Apple overtaking Netflix and TiVo, only time will tell who will win the battle of the services.

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