On Vista UAC: Come On, Already! Be Nice! Gosh!

Lies! Lies! Lies!

George Ou of ZDNet is sick — sick! — of those commercials where John Hodgman, playing a PC with Vista, has to “Cancel or Allow” everything. He’s disgusted. In fact, Vista’s User Account Control is great and anyone who says any different doesn’t understand that Vista is great.

He has a valid point. He’s basically saying that Vista now has privilege escalation controls, something OS X has had for a few years now and Unix has had since Steve and Bill were still enfecalating their diapers. But wouldn’t that have been a good idea to implement UAC back during the Windows 3.11 days, just make things a bit safer?

Mac OS X actually requires you to do MORE work by having you type in the administrator password whereas Vista (for the primary user running as a limited admin) only prompts you to click “allow”. So if we
really wanted to make the Apple commercial accurate, there should be a second security guard that makes “Mac” recite a series of letters before he gives the OK to proceed. What we have is another case of deceptive advertising and Vista UAC really isn’t that bad.

Another case, friends. Remember the first case? Back when Steve Jobs took a dump on a picture of UAC, held it up at MacWorld, and said “UAC is poopy?” How quickly we all forget Apple’s smear tactics. Microsoft would never stoop to such FUD.

It’s not fair that Apple is making fun of Vista. Case closed. Vista is delicate. It’s like a flower and opens only with a gentle touch. We should respect that.

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