Palm Buyout Reaching Conclusion; Future Still Uncertain

At some point this week, the wheels of commerce may be set to turn over, changing the logo on forthcoming Treos to that of Nokia or even Motorola. The two have been bidding on Palm, maker of the Treo, for a few weeks now, and a couple of private equity firms have entered the fray, and the rumors are that things will finish up this week. Nokia wants the Treo name recognition, and Motorola wants a decent foothold in the smartphone market (the Q is not that). Sadly, if one of these companies gets Palm, we see them absorbing the popular smartphone maker instead of propping it up.

That’s why we, like Palm itself, are rooting for the PE firms. Palm as an independent organization is the only way to keep to Treos (as well as the platform) on an even keel, we’ve heard wondrous things about the upcoming revisions of Treo, and in the hands of anyone else, we don’t see them reaching their full potential.

But who knows? It’s possible that if Moto or Nokia end up with Palm that it will be allowed to continue as its own subsidiary, doing its own thing, as it were. So, Nokia? Motorola? If you’re reading this, you know, do that. Part of what makes Palm popular is that it’s Palm, we hope you catch our drift.

Palm Buyout Could Close This Week