Panasonic and the Tale of the Three Noise Canceling Headphones

Yet another pair of noise canceling headphones about to hit stores, this time from Panasonic . Actually, make that three pairs of headphones, the HC500, HC150 and HC30. The HC500 does the best job of eliminating unwanted external sounds, supposedly getting rid of 92 percent of them. The other two only manage to get rid of 75 percent. (Which is still better the Bose in-ear headphonesI looked at two weeks ago, which got rid of none.)

This may just be nit-picky, but I’ve always thought that sound isolating headphones (like the Ultimate Ears 10 Pro) do a better job than noise canceling headphones in providing a a noise-free listening experience. Be that as it may, these Panasonic ‘phones are set to hit stores this April, with the high-end costing around $150. If nothing else, you’ll look like ATB while wearing them.

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