FragFX Offers PC Styled Control for PS3

No amount of auto-aim or assistance can help set in our way gamers like me with first-person shooters on a console. Trying to run and gun is next to impossible, and I’m one of those types that take weeks to complete games like Resistance: Fall of Man for the PlayStation 3. This is partially because I suck, but also because the controls really suck. But now the playing field is being leveled a bit as SplitFish GameWare unveils their FragFX game controller for the PS3. This device offers a right hand mouse controller with a detachable left hand grip controller. Already nicknamed the “FragChuck” this offers full range of 6-axis motion control (similar to the Wii-like controller), along with a game speed dial and a frag button, which slows the mosue down to incremental movement, making for smooth sniping. The mouse controller features a complete set of PS3 buttons, but uses mouse movement that replicate the analog stick or directional pad. A wired version will be out next month for $59.99, with a Bluetooth wireless version for $69.99 later this year. And while this setup still isn’t exactly a replacement for a mouse and keyboard, it might make playing FPS games on the PS3 just a little easier for stubborn old gamers like me.