OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator Does What Your Noggin Wants

Here’s an interesting product from OCZ that seemed to be overlooked at CeBIT and I’m extremely surprised to say the least. For one thing the eye candy alone should have had extensive coverage. It sounds to be a lot like Emotiv’s Epoc project regarding sensory gaming. In a nutshell, the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator carries out specific commands that your noggin wants to do in conjunction with a mouse and keyboard in FPS games. What’s great about the NIA is that you can use it right now with existing games like Unreal Tournament! OCZ plans to launch by years end with a $300 price tag. If you’re inclined to know the science behind the OCZ NIA then keep clickin. There might be some more eye candy as well.

The inside of the NIA headband has three visible neural sensor pads that pick up the neural activity and classifies the activity into three classes of neural and electromyography signals. The three classes are as follows: electro oculographic, electro encephalographic and electromyographic signals which are said to reflect the behavior of the extra ocular muscles, brain, and facial muscles. The signals are then crunched and mashed together to create certain commands based on muscle, eye and brain functions. Apparently the NIA works and does what it’s supposed to do according to OCZ. This is exciting news for gamers and to think we wouldn’t see this type of technology for some time. I can’t even begin to imagine the possibilities of having this for the games I enjoy playing.

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