CG Surfer Edition: Reef Sandals Stash Your Booze And Bills

If there’s one thing I miss more than surfing everyday back home in sunny California, it’s wearing flip-flops. I really hate wearing shoes. Reef’s are my sandals of choice, hands down. I probably have six pairs and I’m always looking for more. I saw the DRAM the other day and it put a smile on my face because the weather is getting better and the ladies are slowly stripping down. I already have the Fanning’s (who is currently #1 on the ASP tour), which were my prized possessions last summer so I figured the DRAM would be my next purchase. You can store your booze in them! The polyurethane encapsulated canteen is in the heel and it needs the church key to get it open. The key also doubles as a fin key, you know, for your surfboard fins. What could be better? I’m glad you asked because the ladies are getting the real goods with the Stash. It has a pull out drawer in the heel so you can stash your keys, credit cards, money or condoms. The DRAM and Stash retail for $45.