Have You Found The Easter Eggs In Google Homepages?

Google released six custom themes for personalized homepages yesterday and while most would be happy with them, I was not. So, of course, I did a search via Google to see if there might be some Easter eggs hidden somewhere and look what I found! There are five known Easter eggs for the six themes, but a “Bus Stop” egg hasn’t been found yet. Looking at the XML file for each egg you’ll notice that they are triggered at 3:14am and last for a minute. Here’s where it gets super-duper-fantastically-cool because Pi appears in the “Sweet Dreams” theme and any mathematics buff will tell you that it’s no coincidence that the eggs are triggered at 3:14am. Keep reading for the rest of the eggs.

Loch Ness Monster At The Beach
UFOs Are Attacking
Pi In The Sky
I Don’t Know What These Are But They’re Cool
Northern Lights

Google Personalized Homepage Easter Eggs [Ruscoe]